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Episode 008—Ken Levine

Here it is, the first half of my interview with Ken Levine on the Active Design Podcast!We talk about old games, new games, and games that don’t even exist yet!
If you care at all about where interactive design is, and how we got here, and where we’re going, I think you’ll find this one worth is listening to.

Episode 007—Erica Mulkey aka Unwoman

This week the Active Design Podcast features Erica Mulkey (aka Unwoman) and we get deep into how she creates her music, knocks out successful Kickstarters (7 so far!) and connects with her audience.

Episode 006—Ken Capelli

This week’s interview is with Kabam! games art director, Ken Capelli. We talk old school and new school art, design and interface, and how classic development can help make better software. We also discuss how spectacular failures can still succeed. And I rant about the sad state of discovery on mobile. How do your games get found when none of the traditional channels work?

Episode 005—Ethan Levy: Experience Design is your Business

This week the Active Design Podcast features an interview with Game Designer, consultant, and speaker Ethan Levy. Also, I discuss why D&D has become shorthand for almost any discussion of interactive entertainment design.

Episode 004-Chris Bennett

This week’s interview is with Chris Bennett. He’s a game Game Designer specializing in engagement to create better real-world experiences. This episode we go really deep, discussing the big picture of the fundamental elements of what makes mobile work, and end up getting into some solid techniques (and driving metaphors) that will help designers understand what it takes to get any product over the finish line in a way that will resonate with your audience.

Episode 003-Maxwell Bogue

This week the Active Design Podcast features an interview with Max Bogue—CTO of Wobbleworks and creator of the 3Doodler Pen.

Episode 002 – Jason Bice

Episode 2 has arrived! This week we’re speaking with naming expert Jason Bice as he lets us in on the naming secrets behind some of the biggest mobile devices!

Episode 001 – Margaret Wallace

The episode’s guest is Margaret Wallace, CEO of Playmatics.